The Making of The Beaumont Texas Police Officers Memorial
From  Concept to Completion

The  Making of  a Memorial
The original concept drawing.
A life-size armature is constructed of pipe and foam board.
Sculpting clay is applied over the armature.
A model is made of the final design.
Artist Ron Petitt refining his sculpture.
The life-size sculpture begins to take shape.
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Silicone rubber is used to build up the mold.
Plaster is then used to create the "mother shell" which supports the rubber mold.
The plaster "mother shell" and rubber mold are carefully
removed and a special wax is poured into the molds.
Once the  wax cools, the individual pieces are removed and joined together.  Each section is then "chased" by correcting any defects.  The waxes are now ready for the
bronze casting process.
In 2004, Artist Ron Petitt was commissioned to create a tribute to the officers of the Beaumont Texas Police Department.

The original memorial design incorporates a single life-size bronze sculpture and a 8,700 pound black granite star fitted with 13 stainless steel badges reflecting the Department's fallen officers.

The highly detailed sculpture and star honor not only those that have fallen, but their families and the officers that continue to serve. 

The completed memorial was dedicated on August 17 2005.

The photos posted below, show the process of creating the bronze police sculpture.
Finishing the details in clay
The wax components are cast in bronze.
The pieces are welded together.
After assembly the weld lines are removed
and the intticate details is finished by hand.
The sculpture is sandblasted and final touch up work is done.
The patina is created by heating the metal surface and applying special chemicals that create the unique finish.
A coat of clear lacquer is applied and the sculpture's finish is protected with a coat of wax.

New Photos Added 11-17-05  
May Take a Few Moments to Display
Sculptor Ron Petitt applying the finishing details.