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Copyright 1999 Ron Petitt Studios
Of all the characters in american history, the lawman of the old west is one of the most popular.  While they went by many different titles; sheriff, marshall, ranger, they all shared the same conviction that they were sworn to uphold the law and to clean up the wild west.

In "Sworn to Serve",  artist Ron Petitt has captured the spirit of the western lawman.
Tall, lean, and prepared, with his Colt .45 single action revolver and  Winchester .44-.40 rifle.

This museum quality sculpture was originally created at the request of the County Sheriff's of Colorado.  Through the CSOC, it has been presented to dignitarys across the nation.

Collect a piece of history, order your own
"Sworn to Serve" western sculpture.

12 1/2" tall with 4" Base.
Available in blue or brown outfit.