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Since the tragedy of 9-11, Sculptor Ron Petitt has been involved in many projects, including ones that are designed to honor the victims and heroes from military, firefighter, police and other first responder organizations.

Unless someone has been involved in the process of the design and construction of a monument or memorial, they usually underestimate the amount of planning involved.

In most instances, cost is the deciding factor in memorial design.   There are a number of artists and companies that offer "ready-made" memorial style bronzes.  

The problems with these "commercial grade" sculptures is that they  are usually made to lower standards than a professionally produced "one-of-a-kind" original.  

The other thing to consider is that while cheaper in initial cost.  The commercial copies you see offered, are just that...copies.  They are produced in unlimited numbers and variations.  This results in many of the memorials located across the country tend to look alike, because their is no originality in the bronze sculptures that they purchase.

Ron Petitt has gone to great effort to research and visit many of the various memorials.  Every memorial design and sculpture created by Ron is a true original.  None of his memorial sculptures are duplicated, other than the request by the original clients for smaller versions  of the original. 

On the website for each of Ron's memorial designs, he displays photos of the creative steps, from armature to the completed bronze sculpture.  This shows the extensive process used to create and retain  the quality and detail of the original clay sculpture.

And of course, Ron's personal experiences and background give his creations a 
level of history, credibility  and emotion that few other artists can draw from.  

Ron's  Memorial designs are not  just about the honoring the fallen, but remembering the lives they lived,  the contributions they made, and the families and friends that keep their memories alive.
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Having someone that you can discuss the concept and design with can mean the difference between failure and success. 

From individual sculpture to memorial design I am always willing to discuss your ideas and suggest ways to to accomplish your goals.

You can e-mail, or contact me at  970-402-1950

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