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Ron Petitt

The American Volunteer Group, better known as the Flying Tigers, was an elite group of World War II aviators.  Their courageous exploits over China have made them legends in military history. 

Artist Ron Petitt's extensive research for this lifelike sculpture included input from Dick Rossi, original Flying Tiger flight leader, and Larry Pistole, author of the definitive "Pictorial History of the Flying Tigers".

This aviator is eguipped with an U.S. Navy flight suit, canvas flight helmet and goggles, and an Army A-2 leather flight jacket with a "blood chit" on the back.  In the event the pilot was downed in hostile territory, the patch, which was written in Chinese, offered a reward for the pilots safe return.

Collect a piece of history, order your own Flying Tiger collectible sculpture.
12 1/2 " tall with  4" base
"blood chit" on back of flight jacket
Ron Petitt's Flying Tiger sculpture is a permanent part of the Flying Tiger's display in The War Eagles Air Museum, Santa Teresa, New Mexico.
Copyright 1999 Ron Petitt Studios